The Guardian

The anonymous incident reporting app that is revolutionising the Sportsbook betting industry. The app allows customers and employees to anonymously report issues an such as theft, fraud, abuse, racism, harassment, poor customer service, intimidation etc directly to head office. The application is a tool for the employer, to communicate anonymously with the reporting person to obtain information about the incident prior to investigating. It even allows the reporting person to upload evidence.

Corporates can also use this app to communicate to employees through its push notification service. This is handy for sending out notices when not all staff have access to emails. eg. casual day.

The Guardian App enters the market at an incredibly affordable rate to the organisation, and is free for the user to download.

10 x Information Posters
1 x Flash Drive with Tutorial Video
Certificate for the business
Registration of Ambassadors and Investigators
Telephonic Support for Registration

Receive reports – Anonymously from employees
Push notifications – Perfect Communication portal direct to employees

Initial Activation Fee once-off   – R 1,250

Less than 20 employees:             – R 500 per month
21 – 50 employees:                         – R 750 per month
51 – 150 employees:                       – R 1,000 per month
151 – 350 employees:                    – R 2,500 per month
351 – 700 employees:                   – R 3,250 per month
701 – 1500 employees:                 – R 4,500 per month
1500 and more employees:        – R 3.50 per employee

High Stakes Consulting has been given exclusive rights to this service for the Sportsbook betting industry. For more information contact us.