Polygraph & Truth Verification Services

PTV Services has been offering a comprehensive polygraph solution to its clients since 1997, combined our experience exceeds one hundred and twenty five (125) years in the field of lie detection. Our examiners are graduates of accredited American Polygraph Association (APA) as well as Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED) Schools , and meet with all professional standards set for the industry.

Currently PTV Services offers specific issue polygraph examinations, periodic/maintenance polygraph examinations, per-employment polygraph examinations and sexual offence polygraph examinations for legal, medical, civil and employee related areas.

Polygraph & Truth Verification Services (PTV-Services) is in essence a Polygraph company that was started in 1997; we also offer other Truth Verification-related products.

We, as PTV-Services, can provide you with the most comprehensive and professional polygraph service nationally and abroad.

PTV-Services can provide you with the services of (9) internationally trained Forensic Psycho-physiologists (Polygraph Examiners).

Among our examiners we have more than one hundred and twenty five (125) years of experience in the administering of polygraph examinations. We have solved innumerable specific cases and we have handled thousands of integrity screenings.

All our examiners are members of the American Polygraph Association.  This membership means that we are committed to the highest standard of polygraph technique and practice in the world.  We only use state-of-the-art computerized polygraph equipment and you can always feel comfortable knowing that you never need to doubt the integrity of any of our examiners.  Our commitment to you as client will only be overshadowed by one other commitment and that is our commitment to the truth.

PTV-Services is the only service-provider in South Africa that can provide you with a Comprehensive polygraph service on a National and International (Africa) level.

Polygraph Examinations

We are a Polygraph examination service provider, offering three (3) types of polygraph examinations; Specific Polygraph Examinations, Pre-employment Polygraph Examinations and Screening/Periodic Polygraph Examinations.
Specific Polygraph Examinations
This type of Polygraph Examination is a case/issue specific examination that is aimed at identifying the deceptive party and clearing the innocent, polygraph Examinations of this kind can be used in any type of scenario where the aim is to determine the involvement of individuals in a specific incident.
Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations

The name of this examination is self – explanatory.  In some instances of utilization of this technique, it can with justification be called “Screening Polygraph Examinations”.  Pre-employment Polygraph Examinations are utilized by Institutions, Companies or Governments where all applicants are subjected to this type of polygraph examination to determine their suitability for employment.

A Pre-Employment Polygraph examination will also have the following benefits:

  • Ensuring the applicant was honest on the application form;
  • Giving the applicant an opportunity to make voluntary admissions, and
  • Enabling the employer to make a decision based on information gained before, during and after the polygraph examination, as well as the result of the examination.

Screening/Periodic Polygraph Examinations

Periodic polygraph examinations also referred to as maintenance examinations is used as a preventative measure. It reduces theft and fraud by identifying compromised individuals during periodic screening. This type of examination is particularly effective in industries with large volumes of stock. Having regular examinations in such a setting offers a psychological shield against theft as employees know they will be subjected to intermittent testing. Staff would also then be less likely to fall victim to criminal syndicates looking for a soft target.Recommended for positions of trust

Criminal syndicates often target individuals with access to physical wealth or sensitive corporate accounts and information.

These positions include:

  • Managers & Department heads
  • Buyers
  • Stock controllers
  • Finance staff
  • R&D personnel
  • Cleaning staff
  • Company Security personnel
  • Domestic workers

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